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Monday, December 29, 2008

Tull Family Christmas

This was a special but unusual Christmas for Judd and me. I haven't had a Christmas while living with mom and dad in about 7 years. Also, my brother, Bryan, deployed two days after Christmas for his second tour in Iraq. Christmas proved to be a great opportunity to spend time as a family. Christmas eve night we made homemade gingerbread houses. The boys (Judd, Bryan, and my dad) all had various boy themed houses. Bryan had a gingerbread man domestic injury on his, Judd had our dog Cole made out of dark purple gum drops using the potty in the front yard, and dad made an outhouse to accompany the other homes. Although the boys weren't fully in the spirit of things, my mom, 84 year old grandmother, my brother's girlfriend Laura, and I all made sweet little houses. I liked grandmother's ginger church the best. :)

After opening presents on Christmas day, we worked one of the hardest puzzles ever. It was nice to do something like that together. Finally, the day after Christmas my Aunt Rosamary, Uncle Allen as well as my Cousin Monica, her husband Eric, and their son, Zack came to see my brother before his deployment. It was wonderful to see them. Judd and I had not seen them since we moved back from Philadelphia. The picture below is of all the Tull cousins and our significant others. It is so nice to be back in the south and near our family.

Cousins on the Tull side (left to right: Abby Langham, Judd Langham, Monica Snead, Eric Snead, Zachery Snead, Laura Weems, and Bryan Tull)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Beautiful Christmas Music! Enjoy!

A colleague of mine forwarded the Casting Crowns Christmas album link to me this week. It will allow you to continuously play all of the songs on the album for free. It is such beautiful music. I thought it was so great that it needed to be shared. I hope you enjoy it too! MERRY CHRISTMAS! God bless you all! Thank you for being in our lives!