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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Southern living

We have had so much transition the past few months. I finished my Ph.D. and started a new job at a different university than where I was working while in graduate school. We moved, traveled to Europe, traveled to Orlando and LA for work, and traveled several times to both of our home towns. Judd has been managing his practice long distance and is still teaching as an adjunct professor. Every bit of the last few months has been a wonderful adventure. That being said, life in our new city and new work situations for both of us hasn't quite become routine yet. We have had virtually no down time.

I've missed blogging and taking time to do the things at home that I really enjoy. Today I decided to spend a little while trying to relax. It's summer y'all. Who knew?

What you see in this picture has made  for a great Saturday afternoon. I wish you all were here to enjoy it with me.