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Monday, September 26, 2011

Burlap Walls

My brother, Bryan, and sister-in-law, Laura, moved into Laura’s Pawpaw’s house last weekend.  We got to go see it last night.  It’s a lovely home that Laura’s Pawpaw built himself.  While taking the tour we walked into a room that will be used as an office.  This room has many built-in shelves and has burlap on the walls.  My guess is that the burlap has been there for years.  I immediately said, “oh, I love the burlap wall treatment.”  Neither Bryan or Laura seemed too enthused about it.   I thought I would put this post together so that maybe they might be able to see a vision for the room that consists of keeping the burlap.  Either way, I’m sure they will make the room look great.  I just thought it might be fun to throw some inspiration photos together.  Congrats on your new abode, Bryan and Laura.

Burlap seems to be so, dare I say, trendy at the moment.  I hate to even  say that because burlap has been used for a  long time for many purposes.  Below are some images I found in a quick Google search of burlap and/or grass cloth used on walls.

What do y’all think?  Can you picture a space in your own home with burlap on the wall?  I think, given the right space, burlap on walls can be very attractive.


Source: Sage Going On Green


Source: Velvet and Linen, photo taken at Boxwoods in Atlanta, GA


Source: (Flickr) Design Services of Charlotte


Source: Odie Et Amo, design by Waterleaf Interiors


Source: Whitehaven

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pinecones, Dissertations, Parties, and Football

What do the things listed in the title of this post have in common?  Well, nothing.  This post is an attempt at a final recap of our summer.   It will be in mostly pictures.

We had a big storm one afternoon that knocked down several tree limbs in our neighborhood.  With the limbs came these beautiful green pinecones and sweet gum balls.  I once again walked up and down our street collecting them.  At this point, I know our neighbors think I am crazy.  But y’all, they were so pretty in vases and hurricane glasses with candles.  I placed them all around our house.  They lasted for a few weeks but eventually turned brown.  Aren’t they pretty?



Also, this summer, we helped decorate Judd’s studio for a 90th birthday party for Judd’s business partner’s mother.  Did you get that?  :)  The party was actually across the street from the studio.  It was held in a meeting room adjacent to the historic Alabama Theatre.  The studio was used for a pre-party cocktail hour for closest friends and relatives. 





And,  speaking of relatives, guess who just happens to be married to Bob’s nephew.

Yep, Melissa Joan Hart.


Also this summer we had a get together lunch with some of the Fab and Fab husbands.  While we were there we got to play with this cute little fella.


We also celebrated my 27th birthday.  Judd bought me a yummy cake from Publix and some beautiful spider mums.  They really went great with the green pinecones.  :)



No, we do not have a paw print rug in our living room.  That is Cole’s blanket.  He drools and sheds too much to let him lay down without something underneath him.


Speaking of dogs, Cole also had surgery over the summer.  He is doing fine.  Thanks for asking.  :)  We are terrible parents because we found his cone to be SO funny and photographed it at his expense.  I’ll admit, I cried the first night he had it on because he was so pitiful and was running into everything.  Eventually, he got used to it and we got a kick out of it.


Additionally, over the summer, 3 of my friends from my doctoral cohort and I decided to be accountability partners for each other to ensure we are on track with our dissertations.  Our professor (middle) referred to us as her dissertation divas.  Hence the title in the photo.  We started calling her Dr. Diva.  I know it seems silly but we are all so constantly stressed.  It is nice to have something to laugh about together.

divas (4)

Last but not least, it is now time for SEC college football.  Woo Woo.  I sure do love this time of year.  I have noticed several folks stumbling onto our blog looking for Auburn’s 2011 schedule.  So, here it is.  I thought this was so great.  It was a magnet that came in the mail with our season tickets.  They used jersey numbers to indicate the dates.  What a clever idea.


Well, that’s a rap on our summer.  We are wishing a happy fall to all of y’all. 

War Eagle!