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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It’s About Time….

It’s about time we got a new one of these for tailgating.  The bad boy below was shipped to us last week.  Now we just have to load it in Judd’s truck and take it down to the plains.  If you’re new around here you may not have seen some of our older posts about Auburn University football tailgates.  You can view them here or  here if you wish.  

We love our tigers and our tailgating.  Judd’s parents bought the house we rented when in graduate school.  It is now used as a tailgate home.  We’ve really enjoyed our time there with friends and family.  We are REALLY looking forward to that again this year.  I hope this new tent exceeds our expectations.  We plan to put it in our usual tailgate spot, the back yard.  The house is across the street from campus so the yard is usually a pretty happening place on game days.


Our old tent, seen below, was purchased when Judd was just starting his undergraduate experience at Auburn about 10 years ago.  It had a good run but just couldn’t withstand another season.

under the tent 1

In addition to spending time in our new tent, there are a few other things I can’t wait to do.  I look forward to spending time with this guy doing something he loves so much.  To say he likes football, especially Auburn football, is an understatement.

Judd and Abby at grill

I look forward to spending time with these folks too.  I also can’t wait to the devour the yummy dishes we serve at tailgates.

Judd-the grill master 

And who says football is just for men?  Us women can get pretty into it too.  Not only do I love the game itself, but I love the party planning, fellowship, and outfit coordinating parts of it all too.  Speaking of, I decided the tent couldn’t be the only new thing we get for football season this year.  I bought this dress thinking it would be cute for the first tailgate.  I can’t wait to wear it on Saturday.


Are you going to partake in any college football this weekend?

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  1. I bought that dress tuesday!!! I was thinking the same thing... PERFECT for an au game!! wde.