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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Trip Down Halloween Lane

There are so many blog posts that I’ve been meaning to write.  I’ve built up quite a list of topics.  Judd even has one he has been thinking about posting.  I’ve been so consumed with life in general that I have not had a chance to even start a single post.  I really enjoy blogging.  I’ve missed you folks.

Our house is all decorated for Halloween.  I can’t wait to show you all what I have done.  That will have to wait too.  I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet.

Anyways, since I’ve been a total lurker of all of your great blogs lately, yet haven’t managed to post on mine in the past decade (well…two weeks but it feels like a decade in blogosphere time) here is a quick overview of a few of our Halloweens past.  These are all photos I just happen to already have scanned and saved on my computer.  I promise to do a post with actual substance sometime soon.

Judd’s always loved Halloween too.  Here he is with his brother, Colby (left). 


This is me on our front porch at my old house in Huntsville, AL with my oldest friend, Rachel.  She was in my big brother Bryan’s grade.  We were next door neighbors.  She, her sister (hi Carolyn),  Bryan, and I were pretty much inseparable.  We spent lots of afternoons doing homework together.  We also spent lots of time together decorating for Halloween, trick-or-treating, and even recording a “spooky sounds” tape in their storm shelter.  Good times.


Fast forward several years to 2002.  This is my sorority sister, Jaclyn, and me at a fraternity party in Auburn.  That was also a good time.  Ha.

Halloween 2002 at Chi Phi House in AU

Continue fast forwarding a few more years to 2004 when Judd and I were engaged.  We hosted a pumpkin carving party at his house (which is now the house we use to tailgate in at Auburn.) 


This little trip down Halloween lane was fun for me.  I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that you make happy memories with your friends and family this Halloween.


  1. First of all, glad to see a post!

    Second, I'm LOVING the photo of Colby. Adorable!

    Third, I was just thinking today about hosting a pumpkin carving party next year.

    Can't wait to see your Halloween decorations!

  2. Cute!Love you, Dad

  3. I TOTALLY forgot about the spookey sounds tape!! I want to go on record to tell everyone that there was an actual path worn in the grass between the Tull and Sherman house.