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Monday, November 1, 2010

On the Second Day Before Halloween…

…our candles began to bleed.

[I meant to continue on with my countdown to Halloween.  Clearly, I was unsuccessful.  I’ll try to wrap up all Halloween posts ASAP.]

Bloody candles  are another wonderful Martha Stewart inspired idea.  Martha’s candles (below) appear to be bleeding while lit.  You can read her way of making them here.

Or you can read about the way I made them on this post.  The directions are simple.  Light a red candle and hold it upside down over a white or cream candle.  The red wax will run down the cream candles to look like dripping blood.  My candles are shown in the photos below.

To make the candles without making a huge mess, I used the end of my scissors to create slits in the top of a shoe box.  I poked the candles in the slits.  The box held the candles while I poured the wax.



Also, on the second night before Halloween my whole family followed the yellow brick road to a costume party.  I was told to go as Dorothy.  The night before, after I got out of class, I drove over to mom and dad’s to help mom make my Dorothy costume and my ruby slippers.  We had so much fun.  Mom made my Dorothy dress in one night with no pattern.  She always amazes me. 

For the ruby slippers, we took a pair of her old pumps and spray painted them red.  Then, I applied glue and some really spectacular Martha Stewart glitter from Michael’s.  In person, they really look great.


We didn’t take pictures until after the party.  At this point, our costumes were a little worse for wear.  Judd went as the tin man.  For Judd’s costume, I spray painted a plastic automotive funnel and some poster board with metallic silver paint.  I used chrome duct tape to piece his costume together.  A red felt heart was the final touch.


My brother, Bryan, and his wife, Laura, went as the wicked witch of the west and the scarecrow.  They cleverly used a hula skirt cut into strips as straw for Bryan’s costume.  Also, they pinned a regular witch hat to look like the the one the scarecrow wore in the movie.


My parents went as the wizard of Oz and Glenda the good witch.  Mom made a badge that read, “I’m Good.”  It was really cute.


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  1. very cute halloween decorations! now, i need some ideas to get me inspired for Christmas decorations!!