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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Raining Cats and Dogs???

Yesterday was the first day it has rained since the deadly tornadoes swept through Alabama.  As I mentioned in my last post, we found debris in our yard from the storms.  It was heart breaking to think about the fact that the insulation, shingles, plastic, foam, and wood we picked up were parts of someone’s home, business, or place of worship.  During the storm, our across-the-street neighbor actually saw a whole door floating past her house.  We are so fortunate.  So many in our state are suffering in a way that we cannot even grasp.

All of that debris makes one wonder.  What else landed in our neighborhood?  Could a cat have landed there?  Sadly, over the course of the last few days people have been found miles away from their original locations.  Therefore, it is highly likely that, indeed, a cat could have landed in our neighborhood too. 

You see, last night, the cat question became particularly pertinent.  As Judd and I walked towards our house from the driveway with groceries in our hands we spotted a little and very dirty calico cat sitting on our front porch trying to get out of the rain.  I am a sucker for animals.  Judd is too.  However, the last thing in the world we need is another pet.  Judd promptly said, “Don’t feed her” as he walked in the door.


I dropped off the grocery bags I was holding in our kitchen and immediately went outside to check on the kitty.  She very quickly started loving on me.  She was so sweet.  As soon as I stepped outside she started rubbing her soft head and boney body against my legs and hands.  She felt so thin.

When I sat down on our porch swing she jumped right into my lap.  I motioned through the window to tell Judd that she seemed hungry.

My husband, Judd Langham, who is allergic to cats and who also told me not to feed her, quickly came outside with some of Cole’s dog food for her and some water.  He brought the food out on a  Tupperware lid.  We crushed it up into smaller pieces.  Gosh, I sure do love that man and his compassionate heart.


As soon as he put the dish down the kitty frantically started eating.  She must have been starving.  It seemed to me that she was someone’s cat at one time and not just a wild stray.  She was not afraid of people and she knew how to “love” a human.  I wish I could have sat in that swing all night holding her.  She seemed so content to finally have a lap to sit on.

Sure, she could really be a local stray.  However, we’ve never seen a cat on our porch or in our yard until now.  She also really could be a storm victim.  We’ll probably never know.

She broke my heart when I finally went inside.  She sat outside of our front door all night meowing.  I took the photo below while looking through the window on the front door.


I know it is a long shot, but if anyone recognizes this cat please let us know.  We will do our best to return her to her owners.   


  1. I saw a site yesterday for people to post 'lost & found" pets. I'll look for the link here very soon! You may have already, but your vet could 1# give you contacts for other vets in storm area and #2 can for a microchip! Let's pray she's chipped!

  2. Here is the link!

  3. Hey Abby! Please post her here:!/ALTornadoAnimals and here:
    Also, there's a lost and found hotline run by the GBHS you can call to report her: 205-397-8534
    Hope you find her owner soon!

  4. Oops! Gave you the dog link. Here's the cat one:

  5. She is too precious Abby! I think if you and Judd happen to keep her I would name her Stormy. Renea

  6. Sounds like my story from our kitty! He just walked up one day starving to death. He wasn't the least bit afraid of us. Colby {who also says he is allergic} fed the cat first and ended up loving him. Who knows? It might be my cat reincarnated...ha! Poor kitty....

  7. Abby, the sweetest kitty showed up at our office after the storms. Very similar story. I've never known a cat that came out of nowhere and was yearning for such attention. This cat is NOT a stray. I kneeled down to start petting her and she hopped into my lap, then stared at my face. (Precious) If we had room I would rescue her in a heartbeat... yours too. Posting the office kitty on GBHS tonight. :)