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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Westminster Dog Show Winner

Happy Valentine’s Day, y,all.  I hope your evening was so much more fun than mine.   I hope you spent it curled up next to your loved one (be it human or canine).  I spent the evening away from my one true love because I was in class.  I did manage; however, to get home just in time to hear the winner of the Westminster Dog Show.  Judd and I always get a kick out of watching the show.  Last night, we caught a few tidbits of it.  While watching we saw this beautiful, and exceptionally hairy, fellow.  He won tonight.


After watching him win, we looked down at our own sweet four-legged boy.  We couldn’t help but laugh.   You just couldn’t ask for a better dog.  He is SO loving and sweet. But, his breath and goofiness would take him out of the running for sure.  Smile

This was the facial expression he was making prior to us watching the announcement of the winner.


This was after we praised and commented on the other dogs.

He was really into the show this year, himself.  Can’t you tell?  I don ‘t think he appreciated us laughing at him.  Nor did he appreciate my commentary on the other dogs.  He huffed and puffed and pouted and eventually went to sleep with his favorite baby.

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