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Monday, March 26, 2012

Not So "Real" Estate

Look what I found this evening at the lot for sale next door to us.

The home on the lot burned to the ground just before we moved in our house.  All that is left is the front entry.

Several sweet little neighborhood girls use this facade as their imaginary everything space. We've witnessed it become a make believe house, school, and even a magazine/newspaper headquarters.  In fact, Judd and I bought two "subscriptions" for a quarter a piece a few weekends ago.

Yesterday a for sale sign was placed on the lot.  Apparently the children were very upset about this.  Look at the sign that they put up this afternoon.

I thought it was too cute not to share with you all.

I have such sympathy for our pint size neighbors.  My childhood neighbors and I were so much like them (Hi Carolyn and Rachel).  I think their little hearts are broken. I hope whoever buys the property will let them play in the yard from time to time.


  1. Aw, I really sympathize with them. I wonder whose phone number they posted on their "realiter" sign.

  2. That place looks awesome!! I STILL want to play there together! :) Oh, and the selling magazine idea? Brilliant!! We totally should have gone that road over the koolaid- less bees!

  3. @ Carolyn Kennedy - You're right, Koolaid stand = too many bugs. Rachel and I did sell newspaper subscriptions for our street's "Pawnee Paper" for a while. For the longest time I still had a copy. Those years are full of such fun memories.

  4. Me too, Erin. They are so sweet.