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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Essentials for Southern Men

This post falls into a category created long ago on this blog called “Southern Women How To’s.”  In this case, the post is about how a southern woman can recognize a southern gentleman.  Or better yet, it is to provide a glimpse into the life and style of a southern gentleman.  Of course, for all true southern women and men the items in this post are nothing new.  Southerness is not something that can simply be acquired by physical location, the way one dresses, the way one acts, the way one drinks or eats, or even one’s level of enthusiasm for sporting events.  It is, however, a compilation of all of these things and then some.

I was inspired to write this post after reviewing with colleagues (Hi Teresa and Jaime!) a Southern Living online article featuring lists of southern essentials for both men and women.  Click these links for the SL list for men and the SL list for women.  I agreed with most of the items on this list.   Although, I immediately began recalling things that I thought were excluded.  The SL list was a “top 10” list so there was a limit to what could be included.  My list will be much more extensive and will fall in no particular order.  I may even add to it in the future.  You can access the original source for each photograph by clicking on it.  I have linked the photos through my Southern Men Pinterest Board.  Feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you like.

(Note: In no way did I intend to declare that all southern men should have these items to be complete.  :)  This list is simply my own thoughts about one of my favorite things: southern men.  Many of the items I have included were chosen because they remind me of my true southern gent. of a husband.)

I’ll do a follow-up post in the future for southern women essentials.

Ok, here’s my list of essentials for the southern man.

1. Good Manners and Chivalry (ok, maybe that one was listed in a particular order…FIRST)

2. Well-Stocked Bar/Barware

Pinned Image

3. A Collegiate House Flag  (of your alma mater or favorite team)

College Team House Flag

4. Affordable Jeans

A pair of affordable jeans - Gap Men: Straight fit jeans (dark wash) -

5. Short Sleeved Golf Shirts  (I particularly like these from Southern Point)

Pinned Image

6. A Baseball Cap  (If it doesn't have a college team's logo then it had better have something southern on it (i.e. favorite hunting dog, state flag, cotton blossom, etc.)

Pinned Image

7. Gun  (I’m not sure I know a southern man without one.  Whether it is theirs or their granddaddy’s heirloom, most southern men have a gun for those “just in case” moments of needing to protect or provide for their families.)


8. Preppy Colored Khaki Pants

preppy colored khaki pants

9. A Pair of Loafers/Driving Mocs

Loafers/Driving Shoes

10. Big Dog  (This is a picture of our dog, Cole, taken by my SIL Brenna.)

Pinned Image

11. A Classic Sweater

Pinned Image

12. Classic Suit (This is essential for so many occasions: church, weddings, funerals, work, etc.)

Pinned Image

13. Cufflinks  (I included these for when today’s man is attending a party/wedding/event in a tuxedo.  I think it is nice for a man to have on something with a personal touch when wearing a tux whether it is rented or owned.  Cufflinks are a way to do just that.)


14. Pocket Knife (preferably with a cork screw and bottle opener)

pocket knife with cork screw

15. Classic Pea Coat

Pea Coat

16. Silver Flask

Personalized Silver Flask

17. Football Game Day Attire in School Colors (In addition, every southern guy needs a tie in his favorite team’s colors. I love this burnt orange/cotton blossom one from Southern Proper.)

 Tie or other clothing in the colors of your favorite football team  -  Southern Proper Clothing-Frat Hats, T-Shirts, Frat Visors, Bow Ties, Croakies

18. White Cotton Undershirt  (This is a staple.  It is hot down here, y’all.  An undershirt completes a southern man’s outfit).

Cotton Undershirt

19. Seersucker Suit

Pinned Image


20. Leather Boots  (These boots are essential because they can be worn with casual clothes to a football game or they can be used for work.  My husband calls his leather boot s*!t kickers.  Ha.  I think he means it in the literal sense.  His parents own a cattle farm.)

Pinned Image

21. White Oxford Button-down Shirt (I like this one from Southern Tide)

White Oxford Button-down Shirt

22. Navy Blazer

Pinned Image

23. Handkerchiefs (Every southern man should carry a handkerchief, especially when he is dressed up.)

Pinned Image

24. Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes - Sperry® Top-Sider A/O Sahara Casual Boat Shoe

25. Linen Blazer

26. Gingham Button-down Shirt

Gingham Dress Shirt    (Google Image Result for

27. Manly Stationery


Do you have any suggestions that could be added to the list?  Or, do you have any comments about what I’ve included?


  1. Great! love you both! Dad

  2. Where are Judd's driving mocs from? I need to get Colby a pair!

  3. @Brenna, I think Judd actually has the pair in the picture. They are Clark's. He has a few others in different colors. I think they might be Clark's too, that or Kenneth Cole or Cole Haan. Come up and stay with us and let's go shopping!