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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jewelry Storage

I am on the hunt for an attractive yet functional way to store my jewelry. While I have a few nice pieces, most of my collection is costume jewelry. I want to protect the nice pieces and any pieces that might tarnish. I want to be able to easily access each piece when I am in a hurry and on my way out the door. I want to display the larger pieces and the most eye-catching ones in an visually appealing way.

I’ve found a few ideas on Pinterest. However, I do not have a space in my bedroom that is low enough to do anything that sits on top of a piece of furniture. The only furniture in our bedroom other than the bed is a tall chest of drawers and two mismatched nightstands. Also, there is no room in my closet. I’ve thought about using my nightstand; however, I can just see myself knocking something off with the covers or a pillow that may fall. So, I think the nightstand option is out.

I’m getting inspired by the following photos. Click each picture to locate the source via Pinterest.








Do y’all have any tips or suggestions? Also, where can I find a nifty stand like some of the ones in these photographs? I look forward to sharing what I come up with and to hearing from you. I’ll keep you posted.

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