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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Our first Halloween back in the south was great. The entire time Judd and I have been married I have always wanted to have trick-or-treaters. Our house in Auburn sat really far from the street and was on busy road so no costume clad children ever came to our door there. I always turned on the light and bought candy just in case. :)

In Philadelphia, our building was full of children free professionals only. It was also not accessible to outsiders because of our door men and concierge. Obviously, no trick-or-treaters there.

Finally, a year with a real Halloween. Mom and dad's house had 57 children stop by on Halloween night--dad took a tally. My parents, grandmother, Judd, and I all sat on our front porch and watched as the little Elvis's, spidermen, fairies, princesses, and my favorite...a black bear paraded up and down our street. They were all so cute. Judd even made me some cat ears and put them on one of my headbands so I could dress up too. He also drew some whiskers and a kitty nose on my face. It was fun to greet the kids in a semi-costume. Yay for a traditional Alabama Halloween!

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  1. Oh how I wish I you guys would have made pictures of that day. I know the feeling about having no trick-or-treaters. We certainly don't have them where I live, and Colby is not a good holiday celebrator. He said I couldn't do trick-or-treaters next year either at the "rent" house. =( I'm going to have to work on that.