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Friday, February 26, 2010

Girl's Best Friend

Last night was one of the sweetest moments we have had with our black Labrador retriever, Cole.

He is such a sweet, loving, gentle dog (when he's inside).
When he is outside he is not a good leash walker, but we love him anyway.

It's ok. We blame ourselves. We didn't teach him that lesson properly.

Ok, back to his sweetness.

Cole is not usually allowed on the furniture. In fact, he is usually only allowed on his bed when he is inside.

We, however, made an exception last night. It was really cold outside. He was in the living room lying on his bed. The fire in the fireplace was roaring. Judd and I were snuggled up watching the Olympics together. I was getting sleepy and had my head resting in Judd's lap.

I think Cole wanted in on all of the snuggling because he stretched in the long and beautiful way that labs do and then tip-toed over to us. (He cracks us up when he does this. He thinks we won't notice him if we can't hear him. Never mind that he is a large 100 lb black animal who could be spotted from a mile away). Aww, bless his heart.

He quickly put his cold nose in my face which was at his eye level. I gave him a quick pat thinking his daddy was going to send him back to his bed at any moment.

Instead, much to my amazement, Judd motioned for him to join us on the sofa. He looked at me for confirmation. Then he looked at his daddy one more time to make sure it was ok. He swiftly climbed up to an empty spot in front of me on the sofa. You don't have to ask him twice.

Cole and I were kind of spooning I guess. He was sleepy and so was I. He put his big soft head down on Judd's leg right next to my face. We slept there on Judd with our faces touching whisker to nose and our bodies keeping each other warm for a little over an hour. We were both so comfortable. Judd's strong arm was draped over both of us. It was such a sweet moment.

I wish I had a picture to show you.

Having a pet who is so much a part of your family makes you sometimes forget that he is actually an animal at all. I told Judd after we had gotten up that was the closest I have ever slept to an animal before. He nudged up to me like I was his real doggy mother.

Gosh, I love that dog. He is such a loving creature. Labs are the best!

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  1. I understand COMPLETELY! Bailey sleeps in the middle of me and John every night. Sometimes she spoons me, and sometimes I spoon her. And, sometimes when I'm really lucky, we lay nose to whiskers, too. They're such sweet creatures, and you're right. They truly do become part of your FAMILY! :)