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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Place your place card vote...

Southern women host great showers. It's just a part of our genetic make up to have this skill. Well...I mean...I hope it is a part of MY genetic make up because....

I am hosting the bridesmaids' luncheon for my sweet future sister-in-law, Brenna, in May. This will be the first shower/luncheon I have hosted by myself.

I am planning to have it on the front porch at the cabin over looking the pond or inside the cabin if the whether does not cooperate.

Brenna's wedding colors are truffle brown, cream, and green. I will incorporate those colors into the tablescapes. We have a few family-made quilts that could be used on the seating and tables.

Right now I am planning to use my cream colored Italian Countryside everyday china by Mikasa. I thought about using fine china but I only have 12 place settings of it and that would not be enough. I could do a mix and match of china patterns but I don't necessarily love that idea.

I have 24 place settings of my everyday. It is also in one of her wedding colors (cream). And I think because it is casual it's more appropriate for a farm luncheon. Am I wrong? What do y'all think?

I am thinking white table cloths with a burlap runner or burlap overlay would look nice.

The menu will feature chicken salad, fruit salad, croissants, cup cakes or one regular cake, mojito lemonade or pink lemonade (I think mojito lemonade would be cute because of her color scheme.), sweet tea, and water. Do you have any other food suggestions?

I am not sure about what to do for place cards. I have found a few images of ideas I like. Which do you prefer? Cast your vote in the comment section. There are nine choices.

1. a mix of spring flowers in a vase the girls could take home

2. a vase the girls could take home filled with a hydrangea

3. a terra cotta pot with name on a leaf

4. a simple bud vase place card holder

5. A mason jar filled with bath salts the girls could take home

6. a galvanized or terra cotta pot filled with herbs and a name tucked in

7. a simple pear or green apple with a name tied around the stem

8. fabric dressing the backs of chairs with the name as an embellishment

9. a bag of candy at each place setting with a name on the ribbon or bag itself

What is your favorite? I can't decide. Feel free to leave a comment with your vote.


  1. Okay, so I'm going to cast my vote. However, there's a problem. I can't decide which one I like best. I'm just going to tell you the ones that caught my eye. Maybe I can narrow it down later. For now, these are my favorites in no particular order.

    Choice One
    Choice Two
    Choice Six
    Choice Eight

    Sorry that I can't narrow it down! They're just such great selections that it is hard to decide!

    1. I love this style of cards. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like Option 1 and 8. I love the idea of a burlap overlay. We had overlays at our wedding reception, and I think they're so pretty! If you do that, then option 8 might be really neat. Love the ideas!!!

  3. Judd Here: I like 2 and 8. The hydrangea reminds me of Brewton. That's the best I can do.

  4. I like the bath salts :) I just like baths relaxing!! All wonderful ideas Abby!!