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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PB Must Haves For The Farm

As you know from other posts, Judd’s parents own a lovely little cattle farm down in South Alabama.  I have done a few posts about it so far.  You can read them by clicking here, here, and here.   You can also read about the farm on Brenna’s Blog.  Brenna is my new sister-in-law!!!!!  (WHICH BY THE WAY I CAN’T WAIT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THEIR WEDDING.  THEY ARE ON THEIR HONEYMOON IN CHARLESTON, SC AND THE PICTURES I TOOK ARE ON HER CAMERA.  I’LL POST AS SOON AS I GET THE PICS.).

The farm consists of beautiful flat pasture land, a bunch of good lookin’ cows, a pristine pond full of fish, and a one room cabin original to the property.

The cabin has been under renovation since about the time I came into the picture.  I guess it’s been about six or seven years now.  As previously noted, the cabin is growing in size.  The construction crew, my handy brother-in-law Colby, and my husband (when we are down there) have been working on it.  They have added a small bedroom, small bathroom (AMEN), a covered side porch, and exposed side patio.

The cabin is and will continue to be used as a family gathering place, fish and hunting camp, 4th of July party spot, etc.

I got really excited last night when looking through my Pottery Barn catalog because it was full of great items for the cabin.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am not the “go to the Mega-lo Mart (yet another TV reference. Sorry.  Bad habit.) and purchase everything for a cookie cutter house” type.  Nope.  That’s not me.  But I did love the fact that PB is on board with the rustic look these days.  More than likely I will keep my eyes peeled as I shop elsewhere.  I bet I could find a lot of this stuff at flea markets and in my grandmother’s garage.  Ha.  I mean come on Pottery Barn you are selling mason jar “glasses” for $24 a set.  Geez.  I’m all for the cheaper route.

Here are some of the things I found in the PB catalog.


How cute would this coke cooler be on the porch????  I love it.  Judd and I have been eyeing one of these at our local cabin store for a long time.

coke cooler 


One of these pendant lamps would look great over the kitchen sink.

barnard pendant

rustic glass pendant

Speaking of kitchens, how cute is this enamel and galvanized serve ware?  I already have a lot of this.  I especially love the tiered stand, tray, and flatware caddy.

Enamel ware 

tiered trayflatware holder

  trays 2

galvanized tray


I already have one of each of these party buckets and ice buckets that we use to tailgate at Auburn.  Mine does not have a stand but it offers the same look.

party bucket

Here’s those mason jar glasses.  They are precious but I think we’ll get ours from elsewhere.  Also, I love this mason jar beverage dispenser.  This would work great under the covered porch when we are having a big party.

mason jar 

 mason jar drink dispenser

Above the drink or should I say bar station on the covered porch some of these lanterns resting on a rustic buffet and some hanging from the ceiling would look great.


Now, as I mentioned in the other posts, Judd’s maternal grandmother was an avid quilter.  Luckily we have several family quilts to use on the beds.  You just can’t buy quilts with the amount of charm they possess from Pottery Barn.  We’ll use  them on the loft bed.  It will be a full sized bed underneath with a twin on top.  I also loved these PB pick-stitch quilts.

tried and true quilts

pick-stitch quilt 

Pottery Barn even has a denim sleeper sofa.  This could be cute for the living room.  If not denim, a hefty and neutral color fabric could work.

PB basic sleeper sofa indigo denim

For the dining area behind the sofa there should be a farm table.   PB has that covered too.  This is their Sumner Table with Wynn chairs.

Sumner Table and Wynn Chairs 

I think the PB round chandelier would look great over the farm table at the cabin.  what do you think?

round chandelier

   These are just a few items that I thought would offer a nice touch --A tiered wire bathroom organizer, a wired basket with handles, and some wooden stands for the kitchen and on the coffee table.

wire bath storage

wired basket with handles  wood pedestals

The cabin is a place that my design minded husband and I have dreamed about decorating and renovating for years.  It is the common topic of conversation during our 3 1/2 hour car trips to and from Brewton.  We love this place.  We have both, along with the rest of our family, put lots of blood, sweat, and tears into this place.  I mean that blood, sweat, and tears part quite literally.  We can’t wait for all the memories we will make when the project is completed.


  1. First, PB probably went to the canning section on Wal-Mart and bought a doz mason jars like the res of us. :p
    Second, using said jars you can make the cutest light fixtures! Electrical conduit to cover the fixture cord, drill a hole in the jar's metal lid to pass the wires through (i suspect another couple for heat dissipation might be good), install the light bulb socket, toss a handfull of mixed marbles or beach glass in the bottom, and screw on the jar!

  2. And this is why I can't get Pottery Barn catalogs....I end up attempting to redecorate my entire house every time I see one. Justin has banned them from the house :)

  3. My hubby calls it women porn :p

  4. Thanks for the tip Carolyn. I hope my post doesn't make you slip Marcie. Tell Justin to blame me. :) I really enjoy flipping through catalogs. There's something about that glossy paper and those beautiful photographs that get me every time.

  5. you know whats funny is that i have one of those coke things in my house right now as i speak b/c our fridge went

  6. Ashley, sorry to hear about your fridge. I'm so jealous that y'all have a coke cooler. It think one of those would look so cute out at the farm. Did y'all get all moved in and settled? I wanna come over sometime and see.

  7. You spelled dialogue wrong in your banner at the top of the blog. Just thought I'd let ya know.

  8. @Anonymous - Thanks so much for letting us know about the misspelling. We appreciate your critical eye.