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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cabin Part III - Bathroom

My handy brother-in-law, Colby, is still working away on our family's cabin at the farm. You can read about the progress here and here. The next big undertaking will be adding a bathroom. We can't wait to get down there to help.

The cabin is literally a one room dwelling at the moment. Adding a bathroom would be a major upgrade. And it couldn't have come any sooner if you ask me.

Other than my mother-in-law the majority of people who went out there in the pre-bathroom days were men and boys. Well...that is until Brenna and I came along. Now, I think everybody sees that this is a project that will make all of our experiences at the farm better if you know what I mean.

Siebel's, a local cabin store, has lavatories like the ones photographed below. I think they are perfect for our cabin. Also, I love the sconces flanking each side of the mirrors. They look fantastic.

Erika, a blogger who I enjoy following at Urban Grace Interiors, recently did a post on architect Bill Ingram's cottage and lake house featured in Cottage Living. I had been looking for inspirational bathroom photos for a while and when I saw her post I knew I wanted to use some of Bill's concepts.

Bill tastefully covered a typical fiberglass shower by hanging a beautiful cotton fabric by bead chains from the ceiling. This is a wonderful way to conceal an ordinary and unsighlty shower stall. You can read more about Bill's lake house here.

This bathroom features a feed trough as a tub. How clever. It certainly screams farm.

Note the antler towel "racks." Too cute.

All of these seem like good ideas. Who knows what the bathroom will end up looking like. At least we can draw inspiration from these photos.
Do you have any ideas or images for a farm bathroom?
PS: I wrote about my grandmother's kitchen remodel; however, because I had originally saved it as a draft it is showing up below our "Who Dat" post.


  1. May I say how much I adore particular things in each of these photos! I love seeing your ideas. Since Colby's the one directing Ryan, I relay all ideas to him. I would love for the bathroom to be a combination of all three of these!

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