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Monday, June 14, 2010

Saved By The Bell Oil Spill

The gulf coast oil spill, or should I say gushing leak, is no laughing matter.
My friends, however, are a laughing matter.

They are funny.  I mean, every single time I am with them or correspond with them they make me laugh, funny.  It's good to have friends like that!
Below is a conversation that just took place between us via email within a matter of minutes.

Apparently the oil spill episode of Saved By The Bell was so traumatic for everyone in my age bracket that it will be forever imbedded into our brains and hearts.



The following took place between 11:39am and 12:07pm:

Amy P.- Did anyone see the saved by the bell where they struck oil on the football field? 

Jamie S.-Of course! Remember the duck that died?
Susan T.-Stop the drilling.  Stop the oil!!! Get it, Jessi!
Terri W.-I did not. Remember I'm the weird one who did not watch SBTB.
Allison M.-Terri, you should be kicked out of the compound for that. (Blog readers, we have an inside joke that I just made an outside one by sharing this. We tease that we, as a collective FAB unit, are all going to develop a compound and live there together so as to never be separated by jobs, school, husbands, etc. ever again) Bonus points for anyone who can tell me the ducks name...
Abby L.-I think her name was Becky.
Allison M.-VERY GOOD ABBY! I am impressed :) I figured Sus. would be the only one with that level of knowledge.
Jamie S.-Ur so good! I was thinking Mrs. Belding!
Abby L.-What can I say? I am a wealth of useless knowledge. Sus, you should bring your SBTB board game to ATL. Ha.
Susan T.-I totally would have answered.  I missed the question!! An oil-encrusted Becky will always live in my heart.
Leslie S.-Ha, I thought everyone would remember that poor little duck's name! RIP Becky. You would think after all the SBTB gang went through they would be the ones leading the oil clean up effort!
Susan T.-Ser. Jessi is asleep at the wheel on this one. nice.


  1. This cracks me up! I remember that episode!

  2. HAHAHAAHA!!!! I had totally forgotten about that episode!!

  3. Haha!! I remember it, too. Yall are so funny! :)

  4. Ha! I know I watched SBLB, but I was more a 90210 girl- I knooow that was later, but I'm just saying.

    Memorable SBTB incident- watching a rerun one summer, and when the bell rang I stood up and headed for the door. I stopped in shocked horror of the fact public school had made me Pavlov's doggies!!!!

  5. Carolyn, that is hysterical! They had us trained well at Mtn. Gap. Or were you already at Grissom at that point. Fun-ny!

  6. i think it was summer before freshman year...

  7. oh geez...we have lots of time on our hands... :)