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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Space Saving Idea

With all of this going on at the farm a whole bunch of dreaming, planning, building, and sweating has been taking place.

The exterior, as reported by my mother-in-law, was supposed to be completed yesterday!!!!!  We officially have all new windows, new log siding, a newly screened porch, a new covered patio and deck, a new steel roof, and a new bedroom and bathroom. 

To coincide with all of this newness on the exterior, it is time to finish up inside.  As you can tell from the photos above, the cabin is rather small.  The bedroom and bathroom are really small.  They’ll be just the right size for our needs, but they are what I would describe as quaint. 

There is really not any room for the bedroom and bathroom doors to open into those rooms.  We could install traditional interior doors that open out into the one room living area; however, that would take up a significant amount of space.

I ran across this picture below and thought it might be a good space saving idea for us.  What about sliding doors that run flush along the wall???  What do you think?  Neat idea?  Or is it a little weird?


courtesy: Coastal Living


  1. seems like a good idea! How did you do that photo collage up top?!?

  2. Love the collage? Did the Windows Photo Live do that for you? Did you download the blogging tool, too? I love mine! It makes things so much easier. The door is definitely not weird. I absolutely love it. Terrific Idea! I'm thinking Ryan could make this happen.

  3. Sliding doors, what a wonderful idea. When I first read your blog I thought "oh no, not pocket doors", which I really don't like. Sliding doors would be just the thing. Keeping to the spirit of the cabin will forever endear it to you and your visitors. Will you be making your own doors like the ones you show in the picture? More power to you, you are doing a great job. You have good taste and good sensibility. Ann

  4. Hi Ann, thanks for your thoughtful comment. Yes, if we do decide to install sliding doors we would make our own. However, our whole family is working and dreaming on the cabin. We've got to get everybody on board. I'm not sure its gonna happen. We hope you'll stop back by The Langham Project often. Thanks for reading.

  5. Carolyn, I used Windows Live Writer to write the post and make the collage. My SIL turned me on to it. I love it!