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Friday, July 23, 2010

How To: Make Any Fried Green Tomatoes Taste Like Momma’s


I have a little secret. 

It’s a problem. 

It’s an addiction really.

Well, maybe it’s not that serious. 

It’s more of an ode to my mother and her fried green tomatoes (FGT’s).

What’s that little cylindrical shape bulging out of my purse you ask?

It’s not mace, or hairspray, or any other normal thing found in a purse.


Ok. Are you ready for it?

Here it is…


Lawry’s Seasoned Salt!?!?!?   


When I know I am going to a meat and three type of restaurant or somewhere I know serves fried green tomatoes, I grab the Lawry’s Seasoned Salt out of my spice cabinet and put it in my purse to take with me. 

I know you are all now convinced I’m like one of those little old ladies who keeps food rolled up in napkins in my purse.  I’m not.  I promise.  I just carry seasoned salt in its container.  That’s not weird at all, right????

Once you try Lawry’s on your FGT’s you’ll be doing the same thing.  And if you don’t, you will be really missing out.

My momma’s fried green tomatoes are seriously the best I’ve ever had.  Hers are so thin and crispy.  She always seasons them with Lawry’s when they still hot from the frying pan.  Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!2

This little seasoned salt habit started when I went away to college.  You see, it’s difficult to make FGT’s in a dorm room.  It’s actually nearly impossible.  The housing folks don’t think too kindly of kids who cook things with hot grease in their rooms. 

So, when I lived in Auburn and attended Auburn University as an undergraduate and graduate student I had to get my FGT fix at a local restaurant called Veggies-To-Go.  Once I learned that they had fried green tomatoes on their menu I always tried to stash some Lawry’s in my bag or purse to take with me.

My sorority sisters, college friends, boyfriends (that would include Judd), etc. all got a big laugh out of it.  This little secret has been happening for years now.  Judd still gives me the crazy eye when I do this; although, he has been known to partake in the seasoned salt goodness himself.

The thought of doing a blog post about this little secret came to mind this week because Judd and I ate at a local Mtn. Brook, AL. diner, Tracy’s.


Tracy’s FGT’’s are good.  They still don’t hold a candle to my momma’s, but they are good.  I recommend them (with Lawry’s on them of course).

I already had the Lawry’s in my purse and had already ordered my food when the idea of blogging about this popped into my head.  I borrowed Judd’s phone to capture the moment.


I just thought this little tip was something you couldn’t live without.  It’s life changing.  Ok, maybe that is a slight overstatement.  But it does make your FGT’s taste delicious.  I don’t know how or even if your momma makes FGT’s so I can’t guarantee that the addition of Lawry’s will make them taste like hers.  But as a consolation, I can guarantee it will make them taste like my Momma’s.  :)

Maybe if we all start doing this it will become a trend and it won’t be any weirder than carrying gum in your purse.  Who’s with me? 


  1. That's hilarious! I'm sure it does add to the taste though. I might be a Lawry's purse stuffer myself =) Glad you blogged about it and gave us that little insight!

  2. Amen Abby! How did she use it? Salt the tomatoes/season the dredge/salt when hot out of the fat??
    Nana used Lawry a lot too! On deviled eggs, celery, cottage cheese, salads, etc. I don't remember he makin' FGT's but if she did she prob. took a cue from your Mamma. :)
    IMO there are a few things you HAVE to have in a southern kitchen- first and foremost is cast iron skillet, and another is Lawrys!

  3. If we ALL did it maybe they might put it on the tables, and then we'd be set! This made me so hungry I'm going to run out to Pepper Place right now and grab some tomatoes...

  4. your photos make me SOO hungry! It all looks amazing :) And i'm definitely gonna have to try that on my FGT's...

  5. @ Carolyn Kennedy-Mom seasons the FGT's immediately after she takes them out of the grease. She doesn't put anything on them but Lawry's. She sprinkles it on both sides. I made some this week and they were delicious!!!! You should try it. :) I know your Nana would be so proud of us for being good southern cooks. :) I learned so much from her and mom.