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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I got legged

As you can probably tell from my lack of blog posts lately, I’ve been extremely busy with work, school, and life in general.  The blog has taken the backseat to my real world responsibilities.  Every part of my body has begun to ache from fatigue.  When I was just starting to feel ill and like I couldn’t muster up the strength to meet all of the challenges set before me, I was reminded that sometimes friends know just what you need without having to be told.

Hence, I was legged this week by a phantom fab friend.  Yes, you read that right…legged. 

What you are about to see is not nearly as inappropriate as it may first appear.  Ha.  It’s all in the spirit of clean fun.


I arrived home from class the other night at around ten pm.  I had been at work on campus since 8:00 am.  The days that I have class are always so ridiculously long.  I drug my tired body out of my car and slumped up our driveway with a load full of books on my back.  

As I approached the porch I gasped and jumped back a few steps.  I thought I saw someone hiding in the dark corner.  Upon further review, I realized, no, there was not a stalker lurking to attack me.  Instead, I had been legged.

Let me give you the back story on the legs.  The legs came into the picture when we (the fab) were undergraduate students.  I think it was around 2002 or 2003 when the legs came into our lives.  One of my fabulous friends, Amy, found the legs in her parent’s basement.  The legs began making appearances in dorm rooms across the country because we were scattered across multiple universities.  Each girl who received the legs signed her name on them.  We’ve had some big fun with that pair of legs over the years.  Here is my signature with my maiden name.  I signed the legs on the hill at Auburn University while aiding in a leg delivery.  Judd was with me.  We were dating then.  His signature is on the bottom of one of the feet.


The legs have been hidden in dorm showers, in beds, in front yards, on front porches, in cars, and several other places I can’t think of right now.  Delivering or receiving the legs is always fun. 


As we matured and grew into adulthood the legs made guest appearances in the honeymoon suites of the most recent bride.  Judd and I, being the first fab couple to wed, were the first wedding night recipients of the legs.  Don’t worry, no one interrupted our honeymoon.  They were strategically placed in our honeymoon suite before we ever arrived.  I’ll never forget when I first saw them that night.

Judd and I had just left the reception in our get-away 1939 Rolls Royce royal limousine (which was incredible by the way).  We arrived at the Tutwiler, a historic hotel in downtown Birmingham, AL.  As we approached our suite, Judd scooped me up in his arms, only the way a groom can do, to carry me across the threshold.  The room was dark as we entered.  I checked things out as best I could in that brief moment.  I spotted a human form in the bedroom.  While still in Judd’s arm I said, “Wait, Judd, there is someone in here.”  Of course, then we (I) felt silly because I realized we were legged on our wedding night.  Not punked, legged.  That’s the way the fab does it. 

The wedding night legging tradition has continued ever since.

Here’s what I saw when I walked up on our front porch the other night after class. Note: it was too dark to photograph them that night.  I carried them back out the next day to recreate this funny scene for you my fellow bloggers. 



I’m going to leave you with this one.  I truly didn’t mean for it to photograph the way that it did.  When I uploaded it I couldn’t help but laugh.  Hopefully, reading about friendship and something funny will help to lighten your load as it did for me.



  1. Paint her toenails!

  2. oh geez....haha! I wonder who legged you??