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Friday, November 6, 2009

pine cone update

I went on a nature walk last night when I got home. The results are as follows. Who knew that a person who works an 8-5 job gets home when it is already dark out? Lesson learned--picking up pine cones in the dark is a lot harder than it sounds. It is scary to reach for something and pray that it is just a pine cone and not something else. I should've thought to begin my pine cone hunt last week before the time changed.

Judd and I walked Cole all of the way around our block while on our search. We only found 5 pine cones. Maybe next time I should take a flash light. Gah, working sure does get in the way of playing house. I'm afraid I have developed a pine cone obsession. I now am overcome with worry that all of the stay at home moms will get the good ones that fall on our street and I'll miss out. Truth be told, I am probably the ONLY crazed holiday decorator even looking for pine cones.


  1. I have to say that I'm laughing like crazy right now! You are so crazy! Good luck on your pinecone search. I was questioning Colby last night about where I could find big pine cones and if they exist in our part of Alabama. I think he was quite amused.

  2. Crack me up! Those boys are going to think we've lost it for sure. I find myself thinking like a squirrel these days. Yikes. Are a few pine cones too much to ask for??? Ha.

  3. I have felt your pain!!! Michael's mom has collected pine cones for me in years past in Brewton. I pile the tiny ones in bowls at Christmas and shove the giant ones in my Christmas tree! Good luck with your hunt!


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