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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Hartley Wedding Invitation

The Langham Project (TLP) - DIY Printable Invitations/Stationary request the honor of your presence at the viewing of one of its favorite DIY printable creations -- the Hartley wedding invitation.


Judd and I had the pleasure of creating a wedding invitation and custom monogram for our dear friends Hartley and Andrew.  They were kind enough to share a few photos with us of their special day to include in this post.  We were so honored to be asked to create such an important component of their wedding celebration that we named this invitation after the GORGEOUS bride.  Hartley and Andrew’s wedding was absolutely beautiful!  I love the idea of sharing photos of the actual event when revealing a new invitation or stationary creation.  I hope that it will make this post and all future posts for our TLP - DIY printable invitation/stationary business more pleasurable to read.  Let us know what you think.  Thanks so much for sharing your photos, Hartley and Andrew.

The image above is a sample of the final product that we send to our clients.  Because our business is designed for do-it-yourself printing, we offer our clients the opportunity to print their invitations with no minimum or maximum quantity for their order.  They simply receive the final order of their invitation design and are then free to print the invitations any way they prefer.  Additionally, our business approach allows our clients to print on the paper/cardstock selection of their choosing.  Once we send the final design to the customer, he or she can print the order on his or her own or have a professional printer do it.  If the client decides to have a professional print shop print their order for them, all they have to do is take the file to the print shop.

I snapped a quick photo of the printed invitation from our sample book (see below).


The happy couple’s color scheme for their September wedding was eggplant and gray.  The Hartley wedding invitation features a custom monogram with gray font.  Although, we can design the Hartley with any color font that is desired.  The invitation is 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”.    The invitation will fit in any envelope that is 5 3/4” x 8 3/4”.  The invitation is intended to be printed on off-white/cream cardstock.  Although, you could print it on white cardstock if you prefer.  We offer the Hartley wedding invitation for $45.00.


The final order can be sent in two ways.  It can be emailed to you, the customer, in its exact size or we can send it to you designed to fit two invitations on one piece of letter sized cardstock/paper.  We recommend that you purchase cardstock from the vendor of your choosing that will be the exact size of your invitation so that you do not have to do any cutting.  In this case, you would just simply change your printer settings to fit the exact size of your invitation and feed each piece of cardstock through your printer.  However, if it is easier for you to print two invitations per one regular 8 1/2” x 11” page that is also an option.  If you request your order this way, we will include a very faint guide line down the center, between the two invitations, to assist you when cutting.


Hartley and Andrew also requested a file that contained a customized combined monogram that we designed.  They used this file to add their monogram to the ceremony programs that they created themselves (shown below).  A custom monogram can be used to make a multitude of wedding crafts and future projects for the rest of the couples life together.  We offer a custom monogram for $20.00.  Although Hartley and Andrew chose to design their program themselves, if you are not up for that task, we also offer wedding program design for $45.00.


We plan to get an Etsy shop started to sell our one of a kind invitations and stationary very soon.  For now, if you are interested in ordering the Hartley, please leave us a comment on this post or send us an email at