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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Saw Fireworks

I know what you are thinking.

And yes, we really did see fireworks.

Judd and I joined some our FAB friends to ring in the new year.  At the beginning of the evening everyone gathered at our house to watch our Auburn tigers triumph over the UVA cavaliers at the Chick-fil-a Bowl.  After the game and after watching Dick Clark and Ryan Seacreast conduct the Eastern Time Zone countdown, we drove over to the childhood home of our fab friend Jamie to experience a real life Central Time Zone countdown.

I’ve mentioned before that we always go there on New Year’s Eve.  Her parents, the Rome’s, throw a fantastic annual party. They are originally from New Orleans, LA so it is no surprise that any gathering at their house is always a good time. Our group of friends has literally been going to their New Year’s Eve party together for over a decade.  Jamie’s dad always does an amazing job assembling a real, better than most municipalities, fireworks display.  Also, he meticulously decorates their home with lights.  No, this is not a scene from the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie.


This year I shot a few short videos of the fireworks display.  I wasn’t quick enough to capture the actual ball drop.  Yes, the Rome’s have an actual countdown complete with ball drop each year.  We always have a blast.  There were so many spectators this year who walked up from all over the neighborhood to watch the show.  Our friend Chad commented that next year we should sell them all glow sticks and funnel cakes.  Hey, that’s probably not a bad idea.



This was supposed to be a picture not a video.  My phone was apparently still in video mode when it was taken.  It is tradition for us FAB girls to take two pictures in the same place each year—one on the stairs and one with the ball drop/year sign.  Jamie just had a precious baby boy so she wasn’t able to attend the party this year.  We wanted to include Jamie in spirit since she couldn’t be there in person.  After the fireworks her mom told us to go get Jamie for a picture.  She said, “She is right above the gumbo.”  I walked in to get her picture and when I was taking it off the wall one of our former high school teachers who also happened to be a guest at the party questioned my intentions and asked my name.  I think she thought I was getting wild and taking things.  I got so tickled.  I felt like she was about to give me detention. 

Here are the rest of our photos from the night.  The Rome’s hand out eye glasses with the new year on them at each party.  I particularly liked the ones this year.

I think this year was the smallest FAB turnout yet.  There were only three fab couples in attendance--The Bridwells, the Hellers (and future baby Heller), and the Langhams.










  1. Looks like fun! Oh, and the house isn't going to work out. Lots of stuff going on with it {financially speaking}. Anyhow, I guess everything works out for a reason.

  2. LOVE this blog...and we WILL be there next year!!