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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Introducing Landry


If you follow my SIL, Brenna, on her blog, Instragram, and/or Facebook then you might already know that we have a new nephew.  Brenna and my BIL, Colby, are proud parents of little Landry Read Langham.  We are all smitten with him.  He is a perfect, blonde-headed, angel.  He is also a mini me version of Judd’s dad, Terry.

Landry was born on August 5, 2013.  He was born on a Monday.  Judd and I thought we were going to  have to miss his birth because I had meeting that day that I was not going to be able to postpone; however, when I arrived at work that morning, I noticed an email that someone else had delayed the meeting.  Woo Hoo.  It took me all of about 3 seconds to notify my colleagues that I was leaving immediately in hopes of being there for my nephew’s birth.  I went straight home, packed a bag, and grabbed my camera.  We hopped in the car as soon as possible.  Judd and I still were not sure we could make it in time.  After all, Brenna was already in labor and we had an approximately 3 hour drive ahead of us.  Landry was born in Milton, FL and we were driving from Auburn, AL.  We did make it just in time.  Landry was born about a half hour after we arrived.

We all waited anxiously at the hospital.  A few weeks prior to his birthday we created a pool for Landry’s birth.  To help the time pass, I awarded the birthday award to Terry.  He sure was proud to become a grandpa that day!  The prize was popcorn since we were all guessing when Brenna was going to pop.




All of a sudden, Judd got a text message from his brother.  Landry had arrived!


We could not wait for Colby and the doctor to walk down the hall to retrieve us.  We rushed in to see this sweet moment.   We were so glad to see a healthy mommy and baby!  Brenna sure did look great, too!  I’m amazed!  Bloggers, meet Landry!



We had fun showing the new mom and dad the winners of the baby pool.


We, of course, all could not wait to take a turn holding him. 





He was such a good sport for his first bath and check-up.


Brenna and Colby chose to keep his name a secret until his birthday.  We all knew in advance that his initials were LRL.  My sweet Mother-in-Law couldn’t stand the suspense.  She took drastic measures.  Smile  She went through the Mobile, AL phone book looking for names that started with “L”.  She is so funny.  When we got back to her house after his birth, she went back to her list to see if she “guessed” it.  She came  close to his name but didn’t have it exactly on her list.



We could not take being away for too long.  We all went back to the hospital after dinner.  We took them a seafood dinner and snapped a few more photographs. 






Unfortunately, duty called and Judd and I had to drive back to Auburn to go to work.  It was hard to leave.  We came back to visit the following weekend.  By this time, Brenna, Colby, and Landry were home from the hospital.





We couldn’t wait to get a few more snuggles in with that sweet baby.  We love you, Landry!

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