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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Black Dog-Our little (I mean big) baby

During our courtship, Judd and I had always talked of getting a dog one day. We both love animals and couldn't wait to have a puppy to call our own. Judd had been saving his spare change for years while in college. When he finally filled the container to the top with coins, we decided to take it to coin star at the Winn Dixie in Auburn to see how much he had collected. It turned out to be over $300. After turning our coins into cash, Judd saw a flier on campus for black lab puppies. He secretly went to meet the family selling the 9 black pups. Judd played with the doggies for an hour or two. While he was there he noticed this one puppy in particular that seemed to be drawn towards him. This puppy was the biggest of the litter and also the most attentive. Judd knew right then that this dog would be the one we would make a part of our family. He had the owners put a collar on this pup so he would know for sure it was the right one when he brought me back. In the meantime, I had been in class and had no idea about the puppy. Judd picked me up and told me that he had to run to a clients house because he was planning to do some landscape work for them. When we got there the man of the house was not home, but his wife and little daughter were. I still thought they were prospective clients and talked Judd and his work up for about 30 minutes before the husband came home. When he did, we went outside to meet him. When the husband opened the back of his SUV I saw 9 beautiful black Labrador puppies. I still thought he was a client and didn't think much about the dogs, except that they were adorable. It turns out the puppies were right at their 6 week mark and had one last veterinarian appointment before they could be sold. That is where the husband had been the entire time. He handed me the dog with the little collar. Judd then proceeded to tell me that the whole client thing was to buy time until the man came home with the dogs. He also told me that the puppy I was holding was ours. I was so overjoyed. I have loved our Cole since the day he was first put in my arms. He is our special baby. Thanks Judd!!!

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  1. What a sweet story! Judd is really a sweetheart, and we all love Cole Train! Cute photos of Cole...I think I may have even taken one of them (maybe not...I can't remember).