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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Philadelphia-Our Jobs and Locations

Living in Philly took some getting used to. Parts of it were so great. There was always something new to see or someone new to meet. On the other hand, it is a dangerous city, has thousands of homeless people (most of whom lived right outside of our apartment in the park), and the weather is cold and dreary most of the time. I don't want to sound like too much of a complainer. Most of our experiences there were completely positive. We consider ourselves lucky to have had the opportunity of living there. We left our cars in Alabama and were pedestrians the entire time we were there. We really grew to appreciate public transportation. I rode the subway everyday and could be at my job at the University of Pennsylvania in 10 minutes!!! It was fabulous. Below is a picture of Penn taken on Locust Walk. Judd chose to walk to his job at Olin Partnership. He walked from our apartment at 16th and Arch to his job at 6th and Chestnut--10 blocks. He really was a trooper. He walked in rain, sleet, and snow. His firm was located in the most prime location in Philadelphia. Olin was in the Public Ledger Building directly adjacent to Independence Hall. (Yes, that's right, Judd could use the clock on the tower of the building where the Declaration of Independence was signed to know when to take a lunch break everyday!) Pretty cool huh? The first image below is of Judd's office building. The second image was Judd's view of Independence Hall and it's clock tower from his desk.

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