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Friday, June 12, 2009

New York, NY-Is E-Stalking Ok If You're Related (By Marriage)?

Ok, so I probably shouldn't post this because it might make me look like a loon. But what they hay, here goes.

My husband, Judd Langham, is from the small town of Brewton, Alabama. It is just a few miles from the Florida line. Anyways, he has mentioned several times that he has a cousin he would like to meet who is an interior designer in New York City. I have met this cousin's father a few times because he owns the local dry cleaning shop in Brewton. In fact, I have had a rather tense encounter with him when his assistant instead of hemming Judd's brand new white linen Ralph Lauren pants for our honeymoon accidentally cut through the leg and ruined them. Even more reason I should probably not post this. (Keith if you ever read this please forgive me for e-stalking you and for my persistence with your daddy on reimbursement for the pants. I sure would like to meet you in person sometime.)

One day while my husband, who is a landscape architect, was working on one of his Master level projects in studio at Auburn University, a dear friend and classmate, Tripp approached him. Tripp had a copy of Southern Accents magazine in his hand and said "is this guy the cousin you mentioned was a designer." Judd looked at the article and said "oh, uh-huh." Tripp and I were both amazed. This cousin, Richard Keith Langham, is extremely talented and even more extremely well-known. Apparently, he has designed homes for Jackie O, Hilary Swank, etc.

When Judd and I moved to Philadelphia, PA 2 years ago we made several trips to NYC. While walking with our friends to Serendipity for some yummy frozen hot chocolates we just happened to pass a red lacquered door that said Langham and Company. I even stopped to take a picture of it and said oh cute we're famous--just teasing of course--because our last name was on it. As we walked off, Judd said "I bet that was Keith's studio." The studio seemed very grand and we shrugged it off thinking well maybe not. I mean, of all the doors in New York City, we just happened to wander by his. Nah, no way.
Well, once we got back to Philly I couldn't help but Google him. Yes, that door was the entrance to his elegant studio. I wish he had been there, we sure would have gone in to say hello. My husband is much younger than Keith so they don't know each other well. Judd says he thinks he remembers meeting Keith once or twice when he was little. I think it would be so much fun to get the two of them together. They both apparently inherited the eye and talent for design gene.

Anyways, I am really blown away with Keith's work. I wish I could find more images to share. See below for pictures found during my e-stalk of his studio, a beach home featured in Southern Accents, and a picture from a movie premier with Keith and Renee Zelwegger. Also, Keith was referenced in this article on painted floors.

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