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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My greatest inspiration--My Grandmother

For those of you who know me well, you know the important role my 84 year old Grandmother, Mary Evelyn Braden, has played in my life. She is the person with whom I aspire to emulate in my daily life. I hope to be even half of the woman that she is.

I was explaining what the search engine, Google, was to her the other day. I told her I googled something, and she wanted to know more about how it worked. (Yes, my 84 year old grandmother has a cell phone with voicemail with which she regularly carries and uses and has cable Internet service of which she also uses). Yeah, she is pretty amazing.

Anyways, I was curious today what came up on her if I Googled her name. A write up of her college graduation came up. She was 79 years old when she graduated. She and my husband graduated undergrad. together in the same year, 2003. It was amazing to follow her nine year journey towards her degree. It takes a special person to maintain such dedication, especially during that time in her life.

See the following link to view the article from Berry College Magazine. You may need to zoom to read it.

I undoubtedly have the most amazing grandmother. I love her dearly. She is my role model.

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