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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


If you're into the spooky side of Halloween, Grandin Road who has teamed with Martha Stewart is the place for you. Grandin Road has all kinds of interesting Halloween decor. They have costumes, outdoor decorations, indoor decor, and entertaining ideas. I have put a few pictures from the Grandin Road website below.

These are spooky stick on wine labels. (I think it would be just as cute to make these on the computer for your Halloween bash)

This little bear was on there too. Isn't he precious?

This is another easy make at home costume featured on Grandin Road. They, of course, sell this ghost costume all put together. I think this one would be an easy one to make though. It has a neat effect.

These little mouse silhouettes are cute. Again, a great make at home project to save costs.

These were probably my favorite thing on the site. They are self propelled witches brooms. They mysteriously move around the room while you are having a party. They have a sensor and change directions when they bump into something. How funny would these be at your get together? Ha.

Click here for a video of these brooms in action

These life sized mummies would add a spooky feel to your front stoop.

Everything in this picture has been glittered. I think this could be a do at home project too.

Check out their site or get crafty in the spirit of all things spooky. It's not too late. Happy Halloween!!!

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