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Monday, October 19, 2009

Labrador Beware...

...because you might get dressed up for Halloween. Actually, probably not. I do enjoy watching a dog in a costume, but for our black lab I doubt we will make him. First of all, it is really hard to find a XL or XXL dog Halloween costume. Second, our little Cole gets so embarrassed if he is dressed up. He makes extra big sighs and looks up at us with the most pitiful face. Below is a picture of Cole I took the other day.I just don't think I can dress him up. Plus, his daddy is really not a fan of putting him in clothes. I, however, think it is hysterical. I was curious to see what all is out there for a black lab to wear trick-or-treating. I am always surprised what I can find with a quick Internet search. See the results of my search below.

Cole makes a face kind of like this when he is dressed up.

These farm animals are by far my favorite. Check out that pig and lion. Ha.

This is a look for the more sophisticated lab. Business casual for Halloween.

Somebody went to Disney!

Why anyone would want to dress their dog like a pimp is unclear to me. I truly feel for this little guy.

Apparently the skeleton is the most popular costume amongst black labs.

And last but not least, Lab Marley

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  1. This is hilarious! I also think that dressing animals up is fun, but I don't think anyone else sees the humor in it as much as I do. Well, except for maybe you and the owners of the pets in the