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Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Were Dreaming Of A White Christmas...

...for this little dog.
Cole experienced his first snow this morning. It is rare to get snow that sticks in Birmingham, AL. I feel like Jack Frost and Father Christmas truly blessed us this year. Judd and I saw the flurries begin about the time we went to bed last night. We didn't really think it would stick. We awoke to a beautiful scene this morning. (Jamie and Terri, if you are reading this feel free to laugh at our modest dusting.)

We opened the door and out he went. He was a little unsure at first.

He took a few steps to test the waters or in this case cold sticky stuff on his paws.

He looked over at his water bowl and became perplexed. What is this hard stuff in my bowl?

He decided this snow stuff might be fun. We headed for the grass in the backyard.

It sure is so much brighter out here when everything is white. Squint.

Daddy would you like to play soccer? huh? huh?

After a quick reenactment of the movie Air Bud we went back through the house to the front yard.

We paid homage to our alma mater and then proceeded to throw snow balls at each other....and Cole.

He loved playing with the snowball and hitting it with his big webbed paws like it was a hockey puck.

Next we had a tasting.


Once Cole had his fill of snow he came in and appropriatly found a great napping spot under the tree.


  1. haha know what a dusting is! we had a dusting in boston and it was like 4 inches!

  2. Where did you get your rug? I think that may be the first time I've seen it, or maybe I didn't pay much attention to it last time. Just wondering...

  3. You probably just didn't notice it when y'all came to Philly because you had to sleep on an air mattress that pretty much covered it. Ha. We got it at a fabric store in Bessemer, AL. called United Textiles. I love it. They have great prices. Ours had a tiny slit in it where someone had tried to unwrap it with a boxcutter. You can't tell because the cut was so clean. We offered them a reduced price because it was "damaged". I think we got it for around $300. I think originally it was about $1000. We can go there when y'all come next weekend if you want.