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Monday, December 21, 2009

Blogger Christmas Open House

Merry Christmas to all. Welcome to our electronic Christmas Open House. I wish we could have you all over for egg nog and cookies. Instead, we hope you enjoy a quick tour of our humble home decorated for the holidays.

Come on in...

This garland around the door was such a great deal. Judd stopped by one of the local tree sales and found 25 feet of live garland for $25. I was planning to make some garland but when he called and told me it was $1 a foot I asked him to purchase it right away. We had enough to go all of the way around the door, over our mantle, on the table as a centerpiece, and enough to make a wreath for the front door. I hope we can find this same deal next year.

The garland was elegant by itself but I added some pine cones and white lights in order to help it blend in with the rest of our natural theme.

The wreath is just a snippet of the live garland wired around a plain grapevine wreath I made with Judd's mom from vines in her yard in South Alabama. I tucked magnolia and nandina leaves all around the wreath. Finally, I wired nandina berries to the bottom center. It was a simple and very cost effective method for decorating our door.

It's cold outside, hurry on into the house.

This is our living room. Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care, our packages are wrapped and under the tree.

Our mantle is decorated with another piece of the live garland. It has pine cones, nandina, magnolia, clementines, and white lights tucked into it. Silver and glass candlesticks flank each side of the fireplace.
Our stockings, which I posted about here were made my mother and me. Well, let's be honest, it was mostly all her. I helped cut the burlap and lining fabric, had the names monogrammed, and stitched on the name and ruffle. Mom pretty much did the rest of the assembly herself. I was amazed as she (without a pattern) recreated the look I wanted from the picture in the Ballard design catalog. She added cording, a ruffle, a free hanging lining, and hooks to hang them. I am amazed by her creativity and sewing capabilities. I know she will be a great teacher as I continue to learn to sew.
We bought enough fabric to make two more stockings for down the road when we have little ones. Cole only got a dog bone on his stocking. We figured since he can't read this would be the best way for him to know which stocking is his. :) Also, for longevity purposes we can use this stocking for all of our pets for years and years since there is no name on it.

Our tree is placed in the corner of the room. It is decorated with burlap ribbon from Ballard Designs, white lights, pine cones, and cream, brown, clear and mercury glass balls. It also has a few sentimental ornaments hanging on its bows. The tree skirt is a simple piece of burlap folded in half and placed in a round shape at the bottom of the tree.
Our packages are wrapped with brown craft paper and embellished with twine, mini pine cones, and an assortment of vintage looking gift tags.

Now let's go into the dining room.
Our centerpiece is made with a portion of a wooden barrel as a base. It has live garland, pine cones, magnolia leaves, and silver shatter proof balls from Ikea on top. Above the china cabinet is a vase filled with dogwood branches and an assortment of cream candles. (Oops, I forgot to light those candles so you'll have to pretend.)
Here is a view of our side board along the front wall of the house.
This piece of furniture hosts our hurricane glasses filled with nuts and candles. If you remember this was an idea I came across around Thanksgiving. It worked for both holidays. We've really enjoyed the soft glow of these candles while dining.

And last but most definitely not least is our nativity scene placed as the central feature on the corner shelf in our dining room. My mother-in-law gave this to us during one of our first Christmases as newlyweds. I love it! It is certainly a good reminder of what we celebrate on this sacred holiday.
Merry Christmas! We enjoyed having you over to our home. Come back soon!


  1. Your house was absolutely gorgeous! I'm so jealous that I didn't find the time or the money to decorate our house more. Maybe next year! Can't wait to see you guys tonight (possibly tomorrow if I leave before you get there)!

  2. Abby, your house looks like it belongs in a magazine! You did a great job. It's obvious that Judd doesn't have ALL the design flair in the family.