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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Stalking Continues

I haven't stalked Judd's cousin, Richard Keith Langham, in a while. I figured now is as good a time as any.

You can read about Keith from my earlier posts here and here.

I really would love to get them together. They both have an eye for design. While Judd's talents are more exterior focused and Keith work is on interiors I still think they would have a great time talking art, design, and creativity. Keith, when are ya gonna be in Brewton?

(I feel I need to put a disclaimer that I don't know Keith at all. That is why I e-stalk him from time to time. Also, Judd is considerably younger than Keith and doesn't really know him well. I just really enjoy looking at his work and I love the fact that these two cousins share such a passion for making the world a more beautiful and pleasant place.) I think they favor one another don't you?

This is an article in Southern Accents of which Keith was featured. It consists of a rare books aficionado, Kinsey Marable's, home in Georgetown that Keith designed. You can read the article and view the images at a larger size by clicking here.

I enjoy looking at the English designs Keith creates. They all seem to have a certain southern flair. Sometimes his designs are a little heavy for me but I appreciate them none the less. But, who am I to judge. Ha. I haven't really the slightest clue about good design. I just like to look and pretend.

(PS: Blogger help: How do I make images that can be enlarged by clicking on them? And how do I post images larger than the ones pictured below?)

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