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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bells and Bales

My next few posts will be about events from the last month or so. We've been so busy with work, school, traveling, and wedding parties I am just now beginning to catch up on it all.

On March 27th my future sister-in-law, Brenna, had her bridal tea. It was her first shower. We were happy to be in Brewton to share in the excitement. The shower was a brunch complete with initialed cupcakes.

Brenna graciously opened her gifts. She received lots of beautiful things.
Brenna with her hostesses

Being the super star planner that she is, Brenna had already printed a few beautiful pages she had made to record gifts. I helped her with that task while she opened each present clearly unaware that my picture was being taken.

Her sweet niece, Aly, helped too. I think she knew she was having her picture taken, don't you?

After the shower, Judd, his parents, and I all went out to the farm to feed the cows. This is where the "bales" part of the title comes into play. Terry, Judd's daddy, needed to take them some hay.
Judd's parents own one farm (the one with the cabin as posted about here) and they lease another in order to have a place to switch the cows to and from as needed. The cows are currently at the leased property--The Lucas Farm. Terry has farmed on this property for years. It is a beautiful place. Notice the Spanish moss hanging on the tree limbs. It doesn't get more deep south than that. This was the first really warm weekend we had so the leaves on the trees had not come out yet. I'll have to take another picture of this tree next time we go down. I'm sure it's beautiful now with green leaves.

I love seeing the Langham men on the old blue tractor. One of the first times Judd went home to visit his parents when we had first started dating he called me while driving. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was following his dad, who was on the tractor, to a repair shop. He was driving down the main street of town. He laughed and told me Terry was just grinning and waving to everybody. I knew then, that Brewton, AL was a place I just had to visit. A place where tractors can drive down major roads. A place where drivers don't get road rage for having to wait. A place where people smile and speak to you as you creep by on your old blue ford. It's such a sweet small town with such a pleasant pace.

Terry got off the tractor and Judd hopped on to help.

After the cows had been fed we walked to the creek on the back of the property. I love all waterfronts in Brewton. The shore is always white sand. The water is always clear. This creek is no exception.

Overall, our weekend of wedding bells and hay bales was great fun! Sometimes going to Brewton is like stepping back in time. There is room to breath and time to take in all that life has to offer.


  1. Love the post! I had never heard the story about the tractor before. Unfortunuately though, I would have been one who would have had road rage. Whoops!

  2. Those cupcakes are beautiful! I wish I had one right now . . .