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Friday, April 2, 2010

Fab's Gone Global

(Picture from my bachelorette party in December of 2004)

My sweet future sister-in-law included my besties in her latest blog post. You can read it by clicking the link to her blog below.

Brenna's Blog - A New Start For the Fab

I'm convinced we're taking over the World Wide Web. Ha.

You can also read more about my besties - aka: The FAB - by clicking here.


  1. Yall are too funny. I think it's really neat that yall's crew has remained close since high school. I, too, feel blessed to call my high school friends some of my best friends. Me, Jessica, Melissa, Natalie, and Jill have remained close, and I know we'll be friends for life. It's really neat that yall's group and our's share this bond. I think it's extremely rare. So many people have told us that as we've gotten older just how rare it is, and how lucky we are. :)