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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Four Seasons: Great Customer Service

In a previous post I mentioned that I am looking for two slip covered swivel/glider chairs for our living room. I also said in that post that I made a spreadsheet of all of the styles and brands I liked to use as a guide when shopping. I was getting frustrated because the store near my home that carries these brands is small and only has a few pieces on the floor at a time. I want to go somewhere that has most or all of the styles available for me to "test drive" at one time in order to compare them. I emailed Four Seasons about where to go for this and they were so quick to respond and make a suggestion. (See Below) I give Four Seasons a thumbs up for customer service.

Abbygail Langham to Four Seasons:

I have been pricing and eyeing four seasons for a while now. I have found one dealer near my home in Birmingham, AL (Harmony Landing, Homewood, AL). I love their store but they are a small shop and only a carry a few pieces at a time. I would like to be able to test several pieces at once to compare. Is there anywhere else in Birmingham, AL or in Atlanta that has a bigger selection? I have pretty much decided I want a four seasons sofa and two swivel/glider chairs. I am just still unsure of which style to purchase. I have narrowed down my choices a little by looking on-line. I am also considering Lee and Rowe Furnishings. I made a spreadsheet with the styles I would like to "test drive." See attachment. My husband and I are tall so it is important that we find something that fits us both well. Please let me know if there is a place to shop with a bigger selection. Traveling to Atlanta would not be a problem if that would be the best option.

Thanks, Abby

Four Seasons to me:

Thank you for inquiring about Four Seasons. Your best bet is to visit Outrageous Interiors online. They have 4 locations around the Atlanta area. You can probably call each store and find out what is on their floor. My rep informed me that they should have a collection called Bertha on the floor. It is our deepest and tallest sofa, perfect for tall people. Their website is .

Thanks! Four Seasons

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