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Friday, August 21, 2009

May I Have All Of It Please?

I received my regularly scheduled spam emails today, except this time Restoration Hardware was telling me about their new fall collection. I had to take a look. I love that store. In fact, Brenna, my brother-in-law's girlfriend and I are going to scout out the RH Clearance Center in Destin, FL next time we are down that way. Oooh I can't wait for it.

I checked out the fall rooms and fell in love with some of the home office pieces. My husband and I have an entire room that is empty in our new house. Well, when I say empty I mean it actually has a 100 lb. black lab along with his giant dog bed and bowls squatting in it for now. Sorry Cole, you're gonna get the boot to the back yard when mommy gets some furniture.

We are hoping to use this space as a home office/guest bedroom. As previously mentioned, Judd is a landscape architect. He regularly has blue prints, plans, or something he is working on strewn about our house. We want to find a drafting table or studio type desk for this space for him (and me) to use. I really loved some of the things I was seeing on the RH website today. See Below.

While browsing I also found these lovely living rooms. I seem to be drawn to these light colored upholstery fabrics. Why do I love them so? I know they are not the most practical fabrics. I think I do want my custom slipcovers in something similar though. Scotchgard here I come.

I like this room because of the map of Paris in the background. Judd and I try to purchase a map at every place we travel to together. So far we have Lisbon, Portugal, St. Lucia, Charleston, SC, Philadelphia, PA, etc. I would love to find a big one like this. Or maybe he could just find one he likes or one we already have, blow it up, and print it at work on the fancy printers. Free sounds better don't you think?

Also, I thought these bedrooms were pretty. Our current bedding Hotel Collection from Macy's is similar to this. We could make a custom headboard like this one and maybe achieve a similar look for less.

I also thought this was pretty. Perhaps for one of the guest rooms.

And last but not least, a beautiful library space. I love those wing back chairs and the lantern in the middle. Also, a lovely dining room. Yeah, I'll take the whole lot.

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  1. Hey Abby!How are you? I absolutely love Restoration Hardware! I could go crazy in there!!!