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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pine cone update II

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Judd and I decided to go on another nature walk last weekend to look for pine cones. I got a whole target bag full which is great. We also ran into Alabama's Governor's son, Rob Riley while picking them up which is not so great. How embarrassing. I had to explain that I was picking up pine cones to make an arrangement. Don't get me wrong, Rob is super nice. We just felt silly. Judd designed the front and back yard of Rob's new house so we have gotten to know him fairly well. You can read what started this whole pine cone thing here and here.

He was at the elementary school playing football with his children. He saw Judd and we stopped to say hello. He was looking at us funny. I guess he was trying to see what we were collecting. I explained and while I was speaking our dog, Cole, took a poo poo right next to the side walk. We of course didn't have anything to pick it up with because I had used our bag to put the cones in. I was not about to dump out all of our hard work for stinky dog you know what. Geez, I am quickly becoming the Homewood village idiot over a bunch of pine cones.

Holiday decor...I am truly devoted to you.

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