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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grandmother's Kitchen Remodel Extravaganza - Part II

Mom and I used our Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to go and help my 85 year old grandmother put her kitchen back together. As previously mentioned, Grandmother is in the middle of a kitchen renovation. The workers are not completely finished but here is the way we left it as of one week ago.

Here's Grandmother to welcome you all inside.

(She'd be mortified if she knew I put this picture up. She was standing in her garage to meet us when we drove up. I think she's adorable. Don't you?)

The workers have been using this space as a workshop. Pardon the mess.
She chose all of the materials by herself because we live a few hours away and couldn't be there to help. I think overall she did a pretty good job. The floor is not necessarily a choice I would have made, however, it is very textured and she said she chose it because she knew she would not fall on it. I don't blame her. After all, this is her kitchen and it should be the way she wants it. It took her 85 years to get the kitchen she's always dreamed of. She deserves to have it just the way she wants it.

Amazingly the rope design cabinets she described to me over the phone were the exact ones I found for my previous post to use as an example of what I thought she had chosen. Isn't a Google images search just amazing?
She chose these 1" tiles as her back splash. I think she made a good choice there.
The granite I had picked out for the other post is remarkably similar to the laminate below from VT Industries. I believe this color is butter rum.
Grandmother never got a chance to view my previous post because during the renovation her Internet was down. I think it's kind of funny she and I chose so many similar things.
Another good choice Grandmother. (I think you did a great job. I know I couldn't redesign my kitchen alone. Kudos to you!)

Here is her floor tile choice. It seemed a little busy at first, but to be honest, once I was in the room for a while it grew on me. Plus, I love the fact that it is a no slip surface.

The handy and kind men who worked on her kitchen scrapped her popcorn ceiling, added crown molding, these two accent lights over the sink, and took down the ceiling fan.
They really were so sweet to her. They recognized that she was without a cook space for weeks and when they stopped to pick up some breakfast they would bring her a biscuit each morning too.
Don't you just love southern gentlemen?

They also added regular pot lights. This is a major improvement in her kitchen!

I just thought this was cute. Grandmother re-did her bathrooms about two years ago. Judd and I bought her a bathroom set when the rooms were complete. She thought the soap dispenser from the set was pretty and put it next to her new sink.

She also had her refrigerator moved all of the way across the room. It is in a much better spot now. It's amazing how much more functional her kitchen is now. This move really opened up her breakfast nook too.
I don't have any pictures of the breakfast nook side of the room yet. The men were working over there as I was taking these pictures. I'll do a new post on the entire finished project next time we go over there.

Here's a better view.

She has also ordered a new dishwasher. Obviously this one's got to go.

I am really happy for Grandmother to have such a nice space.
I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. She is a wonderful, beautiful, talented, kind, intelligent, and loving woman.
She is my role model.

Oh yeah, she also had her 1990's blue carpet taken up in her great room. She chose a laminate wood floor.
I LOVE it!
It makes the biggest difference. It fills this room and goes all of the way down the hall. She is also having it put in her bedroom.

And because I attempted to describe her great room ceiling before without much luck, here is a picture. I want to take down those ceiling fans next and replace them with a chandelier or two. What do you think?
Here's a pic of the whole great room. Again, pardon the mess. Things are still under construction. And this shot was taken right before we packed up to go home. I spy some Vera Bradley and a pillow. Gah, I should've put that in the car first. :)

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  1. Your grandmother's kitchen is looking terrific! I know she is happy with it. I'm with you on the floor, but I can certainly see her side of the practicality of it. Please tell her that I love the backsplash. I think she did a wonderful job to have absolutely no help.