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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day Activity

Here in the deep south (central Alabama) we are about to get measurable snow fall. This doesn't happen often. When it does things pretty much come to a screeching halt. Thus, we likely will have some time off to enjoy the snow at home. Since so much of the country is experiencing an Arctic blast (including us southerners) I thought it would be most appropriate to reference a post done by Bakerella today.

You can read the full post by going to her blog here.

These little icy cakes were made by a mommy and daughter duo in Sweden. Aren't they just precious? All you need is some ice, snow, food coloring, a bucket or bowl for a mold, and perhaps a little rabbit or gnome to join the party.

If we had a little girl we'd be making some of these today. Heck, we might make some anyway.
Mom, I think our snow zoo from winter storm 1993 (complete with food colored animals) has been topped. Wanna come play in the snow with me?

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