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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Dat?

Are you familiar with the term "Who Dat?" I have to admit that until I met Judd I had never heard that phrase before. Having grown up in the deep coastal south and being a huge sports fan in general Judd has always had a special place in his heart for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are the team of his childhood. To say he likes the Saints would be an understatement.

He, as well as the rest of the Who Dat Nation, are on cloud nine this year. The Saints are 14-3 this season. Currently they are playing in the NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings.

I had to make a post about this because I just walked into our living room and found Judd and Cole (and Cole's baby) wearing Mardi Gras beads....and yes, Judd was holding his "lucky" football like a small child. Too funny! They were both intently watching.

On that note, I thought I would tie in some of our Mardi Gras decorations into this post. After Christmas I just couldn't stand to take our decorations down without having something else to put up.

As I mentioned last year we went down to Mobile, AL to experience Carnival with our friends the Atkins family. Over the years we have collected quite a few beads, masks, dubloons, and rolls of serpentine. I put them out around our house. We are truly supporting the saints this year huh? I think we are the only house in our Birmingham neighborhood with Mardi Gras decorations.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!!
(This one's for you Jamie!!!!) Wink!


  1. I just have to say that I LOVED this post! I got the biggest laugh at seeing Judd wearing his beads and holding his football. What made it even better was Cole and his baby acting like their daddy. When I say that it made me laugh, I mean it made me burst out in laughter.

    Go Saints!

  2. Just in case you missed it.....the saints did go on to win 31-28 in overtime. Who Dat!!!!

  3. Love it!! Who Dat?!?! Geaux Saints tonight!!!!