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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wanna Come Home With Me?

Here are some things every southern girl needs.

Oh wait, maybe these are just some things this southern girl wants (oops I mean needs).

And....she won't be getting any of them any time soon. Thanks car insurance, thanks student fees, thanks textbooks, thanks oil change, thanks $300 gas bill from our Arctic blast, thanks expired license plate and ticket to go with you...all of you are keeping me from what my little heart desires.

Judd, are you reading this???? If so, note two things. I am being so good and only e-window shopping. And....

I think I see a Valentines Day present down there somewhere (hint: go with the boots they're the cheapest!)

These little babies are such a great find. I can't justify paying for their name brand twin (Frye). I just don't go to places that require what my husband calls S**T kickers all that often. But when I do, I wanna be wearing these! They're from Target. Now for the price I think they'll do just fine the 3-5 times a year I'll wear them at the farm.

Guess how much they cost?

Can you guess?

You'll never believe it.


Here is a totally different end of the spectrum item I am eyeing. It is the Waterford Lismore ice bucket that is a part of our Waterford Lismore Tall pattern we chose for our wedding registry.

I want this.

I need this.

It is usually around $300 and is at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for around $149.

Now, if this isn't a true southern girl post than I don't know what it is.
Boots and crystal. They're like bread and butter if you ask me.
My two deepest desires at the moment.
Gosh, this reminds me of the time I bought some earrings and a boat paddle at the Hourglass in Brewton. I thought that purchase went together perfectly. No?


  1. Love the ice bucket too! I desperately want the boots, but I really can't justify buying them now since it's warming up around her again. However, I need some S**T kickers!

  2. UPDATE: So Judd didn't object too much to the thought of me buying these boots. I receieved them from my online order via UPS last weekend. I LOVE them! I have already worn them 3 times. For me, they were true to size. I have narrow feet. If you don't you may want to go a size up.