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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Donde es Colando?

Do you remember that 90's tv show--Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? If so, then you might actually understand this post and not think that we are total loons. Or you might just think we are total loons anyway. It's ok. Life's too short not to have a little fun right?

Last week Judd broke down, joined the 21st century, and purchased an iphone. We've had a blast with it so far. Did I just say that? It was purchased so he could work right?

Yesterday, I was telling Judd about a fun game that my friend, Susan, (one of the fab fourteen) plays with her family. They take random pictures on their iphones and send them to each other. The recipient has to guess from the photo where the picture taker is located.

Well, Judd started his own version of this game with me today. Instead of "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?," he calls our version "Donde es Colando?"

I literally just laughed out loud when I opened the email from him at work. Colando is our dog, Cole's, stuffed baby that looks just like him.

I'm pretty sure Judd got the name Colondo from Conan O'Brien's "Conando." Any body? Any Body? It was one of those things that was so stupid it was funny. It always made us giggle.

Bahahahaha. I'm dying. I think we've just created a new section for our blog.