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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dream Closets

Do you have files stored on your computer of rooms you would love to have in your dream home?

I do.

Is that weird???

As I read, blog, browse the web, etc. I save photos I come across that make my heart sing. You know, the rooms that you instantly fall in love with.

Today I am going to show you some of the "dream" closet photos I've saved. I'm showing you these because my darling husband and I constantly have the following conversation.

Judd: Baby, when you get something out please put it away.

Abby: What are you talking about this time??? (Obviously said in my most pleasant tone.)

Judd: (In a thick south Alabama drawl) You are gonna kill me one night by leaving your shoes out. I'm gonna trip over them. If you get a pair out, put them up when you're finished.

Abby: I would if I had more room to store them. This house is just too small. We need more closet space. I'll try to keep them out of your way. Love you with a cherry on top. {grin}

And so our saga continues about once a week.

So, back to the point of this whole post. Sorry for the rant. A girl needs a place to put her shoes and clothes. Perhaps if I had a closet like the ones below in a dream house, putting my shoes away would be a pleasure. Ha.

None of this is to say that I am ungrateful for what we do have. Having even one pair of shoes to protect our feet is a blessing. Having a safe, warm, comfortable home to live in is another one. Furthermore, being in a loving and committed marriage with a handsome, talented, faithful husband is the biggest blessing of all. We are so thankful for all the things we do have.

It is fun to dream though.

Feast your eyes on these...

Yeah, this could work.

Mariah Carey's shoe closet

Mariah's clothing side of the closet

I wish I could cite this photo. I saved it a long time ago and I don't remember where it came from. It's lovely though. If I had a teenage daughter she'd have this closet in our dream house for sure. :)

This one was featured in elle decor. It's lovely. I adore that rolling ladder.

All of the ones below are a little more my style. How about this shoe closet by James Radin?

Rabaut Design Associates

This is the closet from the movie Something's Gotta Give. I love the clean look of this one with the french doors covering the closet sections.

Something's Gotta Give

Or maybe if Judd had a closet like the one below he would be in there so much he wouldn't even notice if I left my shoes out anyway. Ha. I wish I could give him a closet like this. He deserves it. This image was from a home featured on Cote de Texas.

Which one do you like best? Do you think bigger closet equals cleaner house? Or does bigger closet mean more stuff to fill it with (i.e. more clutter)?


  1. ummm...I would LOVE husband that puts stuff up after he uses it. WANNA TRADE ;)

  2. Chris complains about my clothes pile- you know you wear an outfit out and lay it aside to wear again, you can't hang it 'cuz it's ALMOST dirty, but it's not ready for the hamper yet. :p I complain about his shoes tho'. My clothes are in our "office" (one of the three bedrooms we have), the guest room is filled with 'stuff', and master room is for Chris. I actually worry about where we'd put a baby!- silly for a three bedroom home with only two people in it :p I mean heaven forbid we cut our cluter, pair down a closet, or give up an office or guest room!!

  3. i'm drooling over these... ;)

  4. What great closet inspiration! We live in an old house that has great public spaces, but a real shortage of storage - we both have shoes in the foyer right now (gasp!). And our linens are stored in my closet because there's no linen closet - how organized could I be with one of these designer closets . . .

  5. I want one of those closets too!


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