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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Weather Outside is...Delightful?

Ok, so maybe this post is a couple of weeks overdue. The weather outside is more on the delightful side these days.

When we took these pictures, however, the snow was falling and "the weather outside was frightful."

Are you singing yet?

The snow fell on the Friday of Valentine's Day weekend. Because I work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), which has a medical school and hospital, we did not close for this weather. Those of you who are from Alabama will recognize that this was more than enough snow to cancel work and school everywhere else.

I worked as it fell, periodically glancing out the window at the winter wonderland. My darling husband was off that day and asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch.

He climbed in his big four-wheel drive truck and braved the elements for our lunch date. When I opened the car door in front of my office where he picked me up I was greeted by a beautiful bouquet of roses and a sweet Valentine's card.

I know, I know, so thoughtful right???

It gets better.

Then he drove me to Mountain Brook Village (which looked more like Dickens Village because of the heavy snow fall) to have lunch at our "special" place--Olexa's.

This is the place that made our wedding cakes. They were both delicious and BEAUTIFUL! It was such a treat to have a lovely and romantic lunch by the snowy window and then to get to recreate our wedding by eating the exact cake served on our special day. YUMMY.

After lunch I went back to work. I ended up leaving around 2pm because of the hazardous road conditions. (I know that if you are from anywhere besides Alabama you might scoff at this. But hey, we don't get snow often. We have no idea how to drive in it. And that's our story and we're sticking to it.)

When I arrived at home I quickly ran to our bedroom and changed into some snow clothes. We played until sundown in the beautiful white fluffy stuff.

Cole went out first. Since he had already had one introduction to snow this year he knew what to expect and was ready to play.


He led the way to the backyard.

I immediately started building a snowman.

I had a hard time getting that hat to stay on his big cold head.

Judd found the perfect stick to use as a pipe.

Bloggers meet snowman. Snowman meet bloggers.

After building him we followed Cole over to his ice cave. Ooops, I mean kennel.

He had a real snow covered igloo and everything.

Then, being the jealous dog that he his, he ran over to snowman and pulled his carrot nose off.

Slurp, mmm, delicious.

He thought it was really funny.

Then I made a snow angel. What fun!

I then ran into the kitchen and grabbed some food coloring. I wanted to make snow cakes as posted about here.
Ok, so mine wasn't nearly as cute, but it was fun to make.
Then I felt something hit my back and turned around to find this.

That meant war.

We played like children for about half an hour. It was great. Then we decided to take Cole for a walk around the block. We took pictures all along the way.
The neighborhood kids were making the world's largest snow ball in front of our across the street neighbor's house. Impressive huh? It lasted for about 3 days after all of the other snow had melted.
After talking with the kids for a while we turned down the street to this beautiful view.

We decided to take the greenway to the elementary school behind our house. I love this picture of Judd and Cole walking side by side.
We stopped at the playground and let Cole run around. I had to get this picture of his snow beard before we let him off the leash.
This is a gate that was in the alley way as we walked back towards our house. Isn't it majestic?
A view of the streetscape as we rounded the corner.
Our walk was beautiful. It made our neighborhood look like a real winter wonderland. We decided to take a breather by swinging on our front porch with a cup of cocoa in hand. This was our view from the porch.

This snow day turned out to be one of the best I remember. Thanks Jack Frost you did your part. Now go away so we can finally have our usual warm and sunny Alabama spring.

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  1. I absolutely love the depiction of the day! Good job! Even better job taking all of the photos!


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