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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bridesmaid Baby Cakes

Photo: William Dickey / Styling: Cari South

Southern Living has solved all my problems. Well, maybe not all of them (not that I really have that many anyways), but certainly it has solved my dilemma about what kind of place cards to use at Brenna's bridesmaids' luncheon posted about here. Now I can use this great idea for place cards and as dessert! Whoopee!!!

Thanks Southern Living. You really are the southern woman's survival guide.

This recipe is from the SL website:

"Bridesmaid Baby Cakes can be personalized with each attendant's initials. The batter is the same one used in the larger wedding cake, but Jan baked the Poppy Seed Cake in a jellyroll pan and cut it into flower shapes. For a formal affair, use white-on-white frosting or monochromatic hues. Experiment with contrasting colors for a casual look."

Prep: 1 day.
Yield: Makes about 1 dozen (3-inch) cakes

2 recipes Poppy Seed Cake
1/2 recipe Buttercream Frosting
2 recipes Poured Fondant
Food coloring paste (optional)

1. Prepare cake, 1 recipe at a time, using 2 jellyroll pans; bake as directed.

2. Cut out 24 cake layers, using a 3-inch scalloped cutter.

3. Sandwich together 2 layers with a small amount of Buttercream Frosting; repeat with remaining layers. Place each cake on a wire rack over a shallow bowl or pan.

4. Prepare Poured Fondant, 1 recipe at a time; tint with food coloring paste, if desired. Quickly pour fondant over cakes, completely covering tops and sides. Reheat excess fondant, if necessary. Continue until cakes are evenly coated. Let dry before decorating.

5. Insert a coupler into a large decorating bag. Fit coupler with metal tip #1, and fill bag with remaining frosting. Pipe bridesmaids' initials on center of cakes, if desired. Pipe a shell border with metal tip #16 around top and bottom edges of cakes.

Courtesy: Southern Living, JUNE 2008


  1. I love it! Those are so cute. I cannot wait to see what colors you choose. Are you really going to make the cake yourself? Can't wait to see all the pics. It is going to be so beautiful!

  2. How cute are these! I'll have to make a mental note of this for future showers that I host. I can't wait for the luncheon. I know you're going to do an amazing job! The wedding excitement begins...!


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